Movements are hubs of fundraising activity where project ideas are brought to life with the help of councils, companies and foundations.


Part of what makes London special is the jumble of unique, quirky, human places shaped by local communities. Places that are distinctive. Places you want to explore. Places that make you love London even more. This initiative by the Mayor is aimed at creating more places like this – by helping Londoners to crowdfund innovative project ideas on Spacehive. Projects that boost quality of life and the economy.

West Sussex Crowd
West Sussex

West Sussex is full of people with great ideas who come together to make things happen to improve their communities. The West Sussex Crowd helps to connect those ideas that make a positive difference with supporters, to raise funds to make projects happen. There is a £330,000 fund associated with the West Sussex Crowd.


Crowdfund Worcestershire is a new crowdfunding initiative that provides groups countywide with a platform to pitch their project ideas and raise funds to bring it to life. This programme provides a springboard for locally-led ideas to attract funding more easily, while enabling everyone who cares about their community to contribute.


Crowdfund Liverpool will give people across the city the opportunity to imagine, fund and create projects that bring their local area to life. Crowdfund Liverpool aims to give residents with project ideas the ability to attract funding from their communities, the council, local businesses and foundations all through one portal.

Housing Your Ideas
Greater London

If your project inspires people to do the right thing with their waste, if you plan to make use of recycled or reused materials, or if it will help protect the local environment, we want to hear from you. Your project could receive a cash boost of up to £2000, as well as access to materials, equipment and even people to help get it off the ground.

Better Community Foundation
The United Kingdom

The GLL Community Foundation is here to support projects which encourage local people to be active, learn and play together– it could be organising a sporty tournament, improving a community library or creating a new sports league. Upload your project idea now for the chance to get a pledge of up to £5k.

The United Kingdom

At idverde we want to support people to improve their green spaces, enhance their environment, and boost wellbeing across the UK. We will fund inspiring ideas and help make them a reality, so whether you want to spruce up a community garden or build an aquaponic roof-top farm, we want to see your ideas!


CrowdFundLeicester is all about connecting people, communities, businesses and resources to good ideas that will improve our City. This initiative is a great way to get people, including the City Mayor, to back your project idea and help make it a reality through crowdfunding.


From music festivals to art installations, guerrilla gardening to pop up markets, Crowdfund Sunderland celebrates the innovation and creativity of the city. Through this programme, local organisations can fund and deliver projects which matter to their local area. Along with workshops and tailored support, there will also be a fund of £50,000 available from the council to support crowdfunding campaigns in the city, with a maximum pledge of £5,000 available per project.


Crowdfund Swansea is a platform where ideas can be shared, communities empowered and funds can be raised to take projects forward for the benefit of Swansea.  Swansea Council could pledge up to £5,000 towards your innovative ideas to make your community a better place. This is your opportunity to pitch your idea to the whole of Swansea and draw in funding from people, businesses, and Swansea Council. Let’s work together and improve Swansea for everyone to enjoy.

Hammersmith and Fulham Hive
Hammersmith and Fulham

Welcome to the Hammersmith & Fulham Hive! This hive offers a new and creative way for the community to shape the borough through crowdfunded projects. Create your project today and start to make it a reality! Along with pledges from your local community, there is an opportunity to get up to £20,000 from the council towards your crowdfunding campaign.


#SeftonCrowd brings people across the borough together through incredible ideas and projects that our communities want to see happen. We want to support local good ideas that improve and maintain our beautiful borough, while giving everyone the opportunity to join in and support a whole host of different projects. Along with pledges from your local community, there is an opportunity to get up to £5,000 from the council towards your crowdfunding campaign.

Tower Hamlets

Could you help to improve green spaces in Tower Hamlets? Have you got an idea to increase volunteering opportunities or training? Could you deliver a project that brings cultural or arts activities to local people? Or do you have a great idea to bring people together? If so, tell us about it today. Along with pledges from your local community, there is an opportunity to get up to £10,000 from the council towards your crowdfunding campaign.


Our towns, villages and communities are the strength of Kirklees. Local people have asked us to do more to recognise this. We should all have a stake in the places where we live, work or visit. So we’re celebrating our places by encouraging more great ideas.


We are looking to make a change, and to make a stand – we want to kick against the climate of doom, gloom, and disaster. We know Doncaster is getting better all the time, but we can go faster, bigger, harder, and we need your brains, hearts, hands, energy and enthusiasm to keep it happening – to help Doncaster grow – and flourish.

Mayfair & Belgravia

Do you have a passion to make places more sustainable, diverse, dynamic or inclusive? Do you have an idea for community activities or projects that could make a real difference to your neighbours or local businesses? Our Mayfair & Belgravia Community Fund can help you bring your ideas to life by providing funding and other critical support to help you run a crowdfunding campaign.


Do you love Wolverhampton? Are you proud of your city? We are looking for unusual, interesting and innovative ideas to make Wolverhampton even better. Crowdfund Wolves is a new platform that connects people, communities and businesses to everything they need to make their idea a reality.

Barnet Together

We want to help make your ideas for improving Barnet a reality. You know better than us what would improve the area in which you live, work or study. You know what activities would help bring your neighbourhood together to build community spirit and pride. These are the ideas we want to hear about and that we want to support with the Crowdfund Barnet Movement.

Ealing Hive

Ealing Connects is the exciting way to help people shape Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale & Southall through crowdfunded projects.

The programme is designed to fund projects that bring open and urbanised spaces back into use for the general public. Have a great idea? Add a project to Ealing Connects and help make it a reality!

Crowdfund Crawley

The Crowdfund Crawley initiative provides a new and exciting hub for the residents of Crawley to develop and share creative and innovative projects that will benefit the local community.


This is a place for the people of Southwark to come together and demonstrate their ideas for the borough, using crowdfunding to turn these ideas into real life civic transformations.

Enfield Hive

Enfield Now is an ideal platform to help people promote and deliver exciting community projects in Enfield. Whether you are part of a local organisation, community group or are a local resident – this is your opportunity to get your brilliant idea off the ground and make it reality – with the help of crowd funding.

RSA Crowdfunding
The United Kingdom

Working with Spacehive, the UK’s dedicated crowdfunding platform for places, the RSA aims to champion campaigns that seek to benefit communities. We want to harness the creativity of our Fellowship to have a positive impact on the places that matter the most to them.

Croydon LIVE

Our public spaces are at their best when they are alive. Alive with ideas, ambition, activities, enterprises, events, people, wildlife…Croydon LIVE is here to provide a platform for Croydon’s communities to develop, fund and launch their own projects to create and enliven fantastic new public spaces